1st Day Of School

Everyone was up and ready to go this morning. Unfortunately we didn't make it into the building on time. Confused I hate being late for anything, but we had no idea there was going to be so many cars at the school and that it was going to take us 20 minutes to get into the parking lot. We actually have to follow in line with the cars dropping kids off at the curb. Once you drop off you follow a path that has you crossing the bus lane and going through the parking lot and out. So between waiting for kids to be dropped off, stopping for buses coming in, and the massive line of cars going through the parking lot trying to leave... it took 20 minutes. Ugh!
Crossing GuardThen you have to go from the parking lot to the school using the cross walk AND crossing the line of cars going through the parking lot. And the cars take priority over the pedestrians or else the cars get backed up even more. The old bitty directing cars from the drop off to the parking lot was not in a friendly mood once Travis and I left the school. She was barking at the other staff people who were directing traffic in the parking lot saying they weren't moving the cars fast enough. The whole set up is a bit odd. Hmm

There were a lot of kids still coming in after we left so we weren't the only ones late. So lesson learned this morning, be at school by 7:20 tomorrow. Clock

Travis and I took her to her room and the kids were at their desks coloring a 1st day of school picture so after putting her things in her cubby I took her to her desk. She didn't want me to leave. I was a little surprised at that. I figured if she was going to get upset it would be tomorrow after the excitement of today was over. A brand new box of crayons to color with and a ladybug necklace with her name on it wasn't even enough to side track her. The teacher gave us a moment and then she came over to talk to her so I could break free of her grip. We had walked a couple steps down the hall and Travis remembered that we needed to tell the teacher that she would be picked up, not riding the bus like we originally planned. When he went back in she had already settled down so I think she will be just fine.
When I went to school the first day was always a half day, but not here. The school day doesn't end until 3:00 (I'll be in the parking lot at 2:15), today is no exception. So I am little worried about how she will do for the whole day. I know she will adjust in time just like she did at preschool, but I just hate to leave her when she is teary eyed like she was.
Crying 1 The fact that she is going to be gone all day is probably going to hit me around lunch time because that was when she was home from preschool. Something tells me noon to 3:00 is going to feel like forever. I am so anxious to know how she did and what she thought, and just hear all about her day. I'll be cleaning house to pass the time. Sweeping


Dawn said...

Can't wait to hear about her first full day :-)

Elisabeth said...

I bet she'll be talking your ear off when she gets home!