I Think We Got Everything

School Supplies Tomorrow is the first day of school (already?? Open Mouth ) and I think I finally got everything she needs. Geez, I knew about the school supply lists before this year, but I had no idea how extensive and specific these lists are. My first thought was "boy, times have changed" because when I was in school we only needed your basic supplies in a pencil box and maybe a notebook and folder or two. Of course we always had to bring boxes of tissues in too. Then I was talking to my mom about what I had to buy for Cameron and she was shocked. She has been working in various elementary schools as a parapro for the last few years and she said their supply lists are very basic (like when I was in school). So I started doing some searching online comparing Montgomery schools and Plymouth-Canton schools. Wow. Here is a general kindergarten school supply list for Plymouth-Canton schools:

2 - #2 pencils
1 pencil box, plastic (Labeled with name-standard size – no handles)
Crayons (pack of 16)
2 dry erase markers
4 large glue sticks
Fiskar’s children scissors (cheap at Office Max) – Label with name

Now this is Cameron's kindergarten supply list:

2 Pump bottles Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (no refills, please)
1 Container baby wipes
2 Boxes of tissues
2 Rolls of paper towels (Bounty "select-a-size" are great)
2 Bottles of WHITE Elmer's glue - 4 oz.
5 Large WHITE Elmer's glue sticks
4 Boxes of Crayola crayons - 16 count boxes
2 Boxes of Crayola washable markers - 8 count, original colors
1 Pair of blunt tip metal scissors (Fiskar brand is great)
1 Pack of Expo markers (dry erase markers)
1 RED plastic folder (pockets and prongs)
1 BLUE plastic folder (pockets and prongs)
2 Pack of YELLOW #2 wooden pencils (sharpened)
1 Pack of white copy paper
1 Rest mat (red and blue plastic tri-fold)
1 Watercolor paint set (8 count)
1 Pack of assorted construction paper
1 Backpack (NO ROLLERS)
1 Box of sandwich Zip-Loc bags (GIRLS ONLY)
1 Box of gallon Zip-Loc bags (BOYS ONLY)
1 Box of Goldfish (GIRLS ONLY)
1 Box of Teddy Grahams (BOYS ONLY)

In addition to that, we went to meet the teacher night last Thursday where the teacher gave us a list of a few more things she has to bring with her on Monday

2 - 1" 3 ring white binders
1- Pencil pouch with clear front and zipper
1- small supply box
1- Mead composition book
1- Container of Clorox wipes

The first list said not to put names on anything except your backpack and rest mat because the supplies will be collected and given out as needed. I have to tell you, I am not real happy about sending in supplies that my child may or may not use for herself. We had to put all the supplies in her cubby when we went so I am hoping the teacher will keep each childs basic supplies desperate. I would be really upset if Cameron needed new crayons and was handed some cheap off brand ones that someone decided to bring in instead of the Crayola ones I bought. If you know crayons then you know how frustrating it can be to color with waxy, clumpy cheap ass crayons. Ya know? I would much rather buy the 4 boxes of crayons and send 1 to school. When she needs new ones then I will have them at home for her. Same with the markers and glue.

I am very interested to see how this is all going to work and if she brings home projects that are going to use up 5 jumbo glue sticks and 8 oz of white glue.

Her school (like many here) require uniforms as well. Thankfully you can find the specific clothing at most stores here so that wasn't too much of a problem. I just haven't been able to find any Khaki jumpers in her size that I wanted to buy. She can only wear white or navy blue shirts (no logos at all). Khaki, or navy shirts, shorts, jumpers and skirts. If their are belt loops a belt has to be worn (something I just realized I forgot to get). Solid color shoes (no open heel or toe) in white, navy, brown, gray or black. There is also a plaid color she can wear that needs to be bought from a uniform store. Same solid colors go for sweaters and jackets which I don't even want to think about right now with it being 105 outside.

I bought six tops and six bottoms (she needs an extra to keep at school just in case) plus shoes. After joining the PTA and purchasing a T shirt for her to wear on Friday spirit days, all the school supplies plus a lunch box - I figure I spent at least $200.00 and that's with shopping all the sales. Ouch. I wasn't expecting to have to spend that much. Next year I will know. Smile Oh, and I forgot about the juice and snack she has to have everyday. They prefer you purchase this through the school - for $4.00 a week. No way am I doing that! I can provide her with snack and drink for $4.00 a month. Juice has to be 100% juice and no sugary snacks. She will already have a juice box at lunch so I would prefer her to have water, or crystal light so I will just send a small reusable bottle of something for her. Much cheaper!

I can't believe my baby it going to be in kindergarten. Sad


Dawn said...

OMG - I can't believe all the supplies - since when did the student have to buy what the schools SHOULD BE responsible for?

How was the first day today?

Can't wait to read about it.

Glad ya'll are back :-)

We need to discuss my upcoming party soon :-)

Elisabeth said...

WOW!! That's a ridiculous supply list! I like how they add that a certain brand is great. LOL I agree with your take on the supplies. Since I bought the stuff, I expect my kid to use them. Not anyone else's whose parents didn't give a rip not to buy them.