It's A Child, Not A Dog

I was reading a thread on 2 peas about a mom who wanted to know if her 2.5 y/o had typical behavior or if she was a crappy mother - don't even get me started on that "typical behavior" crap that you only hear from mother's whose toddlers are in control of them.

Anyhoo, one mother actually replied with this:

I have a 3 yr old and while he is pretty good in the store, we always use a
basket or he is on his leash. (he LOVES his leash, but there is still the
grabbing issue sometimes) .

Now seriously, if you walked by someone and heard just that sentence, would you assume they are talking about a child or a DOG?!?! A leash on a child??? I think that is sick! Years ago when people used the wristbands with the curly cord attached, I thought that was weird. The harnesses with the dog leash attached to the back is just wrong. IT'S WRONG PEOPLE! You treat your kid like an animal and you wonder why they act like an animal?? And don't fool yourself..... the harnesses that look like fuzzy animals are the same thing. Just because it is cute and fuzzy doesn't mean you're a better parent. It just means you think it's less demeaning to your child. FYI- IT ISN'T. Stop treating your kids like animals and start parenting them and maybe they won't act like animals out in public.



Elisabeth said...

My feelings exactly!

Dawn said...

don't even get me started on child with leashes, I will just say I totally agree and leave it at that!