Happy Monday

Next Wednesday is the last day of school for Cameron and I really want to spend a good bit of time this summer working on stamp/scrap projects. I don't leave the house a whole lot in the summer because I despise the awful heat down here Sweaty , so when Cam and I are not at the pool In The Pool , I would like to be creatively productive. To help me stay on track with that and to put a little boost in this blog, I am going to try and post something stamp/scrap/paper craft related on the blog every day. On Mondays I will post any projects I was able to do over the weekend.

Of course, this weekend I didn't have that plan in mind yet so I don't have a paper project to post, but I do have a sewing project I did for a gift I gave on Saturday.

This is a crayon roll. It's material with little pockets sewn on the inside to hold crayons snug. You roll it up and tie it with an attached ribbon and it is good to go in your purse, a child's tote bag or a diaper bag. I think I am going to make these for an end of the year gift for Cam's class. I also learned how to sew the cutest little pocket tissue holders. This is the first on I did which wasn't the greatest because I got the blue material crooked, but practice makes perfect. These are really fast and fun to make.


Elisabeth said...

The crayon holder is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks so much to you and Cameron for coming to Emily's 2nd bday party. I hope Cameron had fun. =)

Dawn said...

That crayon roll is way too cute! I love it!

We need to get 2-gether and crop and catch up ladies!