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Today was parent/teacher conferences at Cam's school. I can not believe school will be out in a week! Open Mouth The teacher had nothing but great things to say about Cameron.
I'm So Proud
Apparently the pushing phase was just that, a phase. She just needed some guidance in understanding that her friends were independent people just like herself and that words are much more effective than using our hands. She is ending the year knowing how to read and write simple words (cat, rat, stop, frog, book, ran etc). She knows all her sounds and how to sound out a word in order to read the word. Over the summer we are going to work with sounds like th, sh, ous, es etc.. She has also been doing addition math problems. Mrs D says math is a lesson she has to guide Cameron to because she prefers to do language lessons over math (remember it is Montessori, kids choose what they work on). So we will spend some time on basic math problems over the summer as well.

I had the chance to talk to Mrs. D about Cameron entering public school Kindergarten in the fall. This is a choice that was made so that I can go back to school myself in the fall. We can not afford to pay for both of us to be in school so public school it will be. I am very nervous about this decision. If she ends up with a teacher that goes strictly by the book then she is going to be bored out of her mind. If the teacher is a little more of a free spirit then she might be okay. Because we will be moving before the school year starts we are not sure what school she will be at yet. There are only 4 elementary schools I am comfortable with so it will be one of the 4. Hopefully by the end of the month we will know where we will be moving and then I can start looking at the schools program.

Cameron loves school, so if she at least gets a teacher she likes and finds a close friend in her class and we keep her mind stimulated at home then it should be fine. I am just worried about her not being challenged enough. It is just kindergarten, so if she doesn't thrive during the school year then we will put her back in Montessori for first grade because I will be done with school next spring. Hopefully it all works out. Prayer


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WTG Cam and Mommy too!