First Day Of School

Cameron woke me up at 7am asking if she can go to school now. I got up and told her she needed to eat breakfast first and she said, "but mom I don't want to be late for school." LOL Travis and I both went to take her for the first day. We hung around until about 8:15 to make sure she was comfortable. She was drawing on the chalk board and I told her we were going. She said, "okay bye Mom." So I felt okay about leaving her because she was happy.

It wasn't the case when I picked her up though. She was with the teacher and was crying. :o( She knew that I was coming back after lunch and I never said anything about nap time. Well they had lunch a little early because some of the kids were getting sleepy and nap time follows lunch. She wasn't happy that lunch was over and I wasn't there. The teacher said she did really well and it wasn't until the cots came out that she got upset. She asked if she could come back before we even got to the car so I know she is fine. She just wasn't prepared for the whole nap time thing. Hopefully tomorrow morning she is still excited and wanting to go back. Here are some pictures.


Dawn said...

Awwwww! She looks so grown up with her backpack! I hope the "nap" goes over better tomorrow!

Elisabeth said...

Wow! What a big girl she is! I know she had a blast today!