Movies, Bowling, Country & School

Aside from the heat (blech!) it was a pretty nice holiday weekend. Saturday we made plans to go bowling in the morning, but when we got there we found a tournament was going on for the day. It wasn't a wasted trip though because the ball I ordered last week was in so I had it fitted and drilled and got my shoes and bag. Now I don't have to waste 3.00 on shoe rentals and no more looking all over the bowling alley for the right fitting ball. After we got that taken care of I met up with Angie to pick up some of the SU orders. The truck didn't deliver until late Friday night so I had to wait until Saturday to get the goodies.

Since we couldn't bowl Travis suggested the movies. We haven't been to the movies since I was pregnant with Cameron, so nearly 4 years. I was a little nervous about paying full price for a movie and Cameron freaking out at the loudness, but we prepared her for it. And I brought along some headphone just in case (to quiet the sound). We saw Over The Hedge. Cameron was a little antsy during some of it, but the noise didn't bother her. She said it was loud, but she was fine with it. The movie was really cute and we had a good time. I am glad to know she isn't bothered by it so now we can go more often. The children's dollar movies starts this week and I will be taking her to see Curious George.

Sunday we just relaxed and did a little of this and a little of that.

Today hubby was off so we went and had a late breakfast at IHOP. Cameron and I go there about once a month and never have a problem. Today nothing seemed to go right there. It wasn't horrible though. Then we went to the bowling alley and took advantage of .99 cent games. I got to try out my new ball and love it! Although I can't say it helped me bowl all that much better. LOL I am working on it though. It's been a really fun family thing to do. I would actually like to join a league in the fall (mostly because it means we can bowl all the time for .99 cents) so I am hoping to get some good practice during the summer.

We took drive out to the country today as well. We took Cameron to see the house that Travis grew up in. I would love to live out there. It is so nice and pretty, quiet and very country with lots of open land and horses here and there. It wouldn't bother me one bit to be away from the city.

Cameron starts school tomorrow and she is so excited. She requested to go to bed a little early tonight because she knew when morning came she would be going to school. We got her name on all her stuff and packed into her bag. I just have to pack her lunch box in the morning. She has to be there by 8:00. We only live about 2 minutes from the school but we will leave a bit early tomorrow since it is her first day so we can make sure she settles in okay. I am not as worried about it as I thought I would be (of course that may change come morning). I think the fact that she has just been so excited about going has helped ease my mind about it. As long as I leave her there and she is happy and excited then I should be okay. I have gone over and over with her for a month about me leaving her there to play with the kids and how I would be back to pick her up after she eats lunch. She's a smart kid so I know she understands and she seems okay with it. I am sure it will be fine. Yeah, this is me trying to assure myself. LOL


Dawn said...

What a great holiday weekend!

Elisabeth said...

Sounds like you all had a blast!!