First Day Of School

Off she goes! I was concerned about how she was going to adjust to being at a new school, but I think because everything is so different than what she is use to, it is actually more exciting for her than it is worrisome. She has been begging to ride the bus since kindergartens and hubby preferred that she didn't. We took her and picked her up. This year she is riding the bus and LOVES it.

She also had to wear a uniform to school and was not allowed to wear any jewelry except post earrings and silly bands. Now she can wear regular clothes and all the bracelets and necklaces she wants (which she has always loved to wear).

They did not have recess at her previous school either. They don't have gyms in the schools so unless the weather was bad they did gym class outside, but other then that, playing outside was a once in a while treat from the teachers. Here she has '3' recesses. Really it's 2 but she considers it 3 because her lunch recess is split. They go out for a bit, come in for lunch then go back out. Then she has one in the late afternoon.

She even likes that school here starts an hour later than it did in AL. I don't know why it matters to her since she has always been an earlier morning riser. She doesn't however like that it means getting home an hour later than she use t0. :)

So she is doing good and adjusting just fine. Big relief to Mom.