Halloween Camping

For the past several years my family has gone camping with a large group of other family and friends for the campgrounds big Halloween weekend. This year, Cam and I were able to join them for the first time and it was a blast!! The hold it at the September because in Oct. the campground shuts down their water/sewer hook ups. The campground was full (more than 100 campsites) and the decoration that people put out were great!

On Friday night they have a Halloween scary movie and popcorn. On Saturday they did games/prizes, crafts and a hay ride during the day. The trick or treating started at 6:30 after the costume contest. Everyone puts their chairs and candy out along the roads for the ToTers to go to. We only walked half of the park and I think Cam had 5 pounds of candy. My parents had like 500 pieces of candy and they were out before it ended at 8:00.

We were taking pics of Cam and my niece and nephew. After we got a good shot, I told Cam to pretend to scream and snapped this pic. She had no idea J was doing that behind her. Her reaction when she saw the pic was hysterical!

My SIL's parents bought pumpkins for the kids to carve. For the past several years we have painted our pumpkins or bought craft kits that you stick on to dress up the pumpkins. Cameron can not stand to touch the pumpkin guts. The last time we carved a pumpkin she had rubber gloves on up to her elbows and a spoon with a long handle and she still spazed out about it. So imagine my surprise when she told me she wanted to carve a pumpkin this year. She said she would gut it herself. Well, that lasted a good 3 seconds. She stuck her hand in twice and was done. Thankfully she had her eager cousin there who just couldn't wait to get her hands in the pumpkin.

Once it was all cleaned out (and the pumpkin seeds were bagged because she wanted to toast them), I had stenciled out a cat face that she wanted onto the pumpkin. I used a push pin to give her dots to trace with the knife. Once she started carving I knew it would be a matter of seconds before she gave up on it, calling it "too hard to do!!" She has zero patients I tell you. So I ended up doing the carving. Next year we will go back to the stick on kits.

The finished pumpkin.