Happy Birthday!

We left to go camping the night of Cameron's birthday. We took her to Denny's for a birthday dinner, where she had a birthday breakfast. :) On Sunday my brothers family came out for the day and we had a little party for her. She was so excited to open the Squinkies I bought for her. We have been looking everywhere for a store who had them in stock with no luck. A couple days before her birthday I was able to find some and with out her knowing. I love it when I can surprise her!!

Side note: If you have young girls in the family and do not know what Squinkies are, google it now and start looking for them in stores. I am 100% sure they are going to be impossible to find at Christmas.

She wanted a Littlest Pet Shop theme to her 'party' so I picked up some plates and napkins. To make things easy since we were camping, I bought a blank premade cake and put those little nasty sugar things on it. I had bought her a new LPS series toy that she had not seen before and put that on the cake.

She got a lot of good stuff!