Some Good News!!

Last Thursday Cameron had handed me a thick, sealed envelope with "To the parents of Cameron Last Name" hand written on the front that was from the school. I didn't want to open it. I couldn't imagine what it could be and feared it to be bad news. If all of the kids had received one then chances are the "to the parents of..." would have been typed and printed on a label. So I was sure that not everyone received the same thick envelope.

I asked her what is was, "I dunno". I asked who gave it to her, "Ms. J" (teacher). I asked if everyone got one, "just 5 kids got one". Well who were the 5 kids, "A, J, G, me and I can't remember the last person." This wasn't very helpful because I only really knew one of those kids and that was A who I have thought of as a stuck up little B since kindergarten. Anyhow, after a few deep breaths.....seriously, with the rash of bad news we have been receiving lately I figured it couldn't be good........ I opened it.

It wasn't something bad at all. In fact it was wonderful news!! It was a letter stating that Cameron had been referred to the gifted program (QUEST) for 3rd grade. I couldn't believe it. Finally some good news for us.

I don't know anything about QUEST, but according to the paper that was included, if she is selected she will be pulled out of class 3 hours a week to participate in courses such as Marine Biology, Geometry, Drama and Lit, Robotics and Archeology which will all be hands on learning (ahh, flash back to the wonderful time she spent in Montessori pre school) and using higher level thinking skills.

She was referred to the program by her teacher and then I had to consent to a screening process. After all information is collected there will be a group test given. All the information and test scores will be given to a board of 3 people who will then discuss and determine if she will be placed in the program for the 3rd grade. It is recommend that parents put a portfolio together of their child with some specific things included. I haven't decided if I am going to do this yet or not.

I asked Cameron if she knew anything about QUEST and she told me that yes, the class had gone to the QUEST room that day to talk to Ms. H (the QUEST teacher). Ms. H had told them a little about the classroom and then she said they were given a test and then a sheet to color that Ms. H said she was going to keep in her room. Cam said she and A, J, G and someone else were the only ones to get every question right on the test.

I am really hoping she does get selected for the program because it will mean so many more opportunities to learn new things that she wont get otherwise. It's all very exciting for us! The process can take up to 90 days. I will keep everyone posted.