Softball Evaluations

Slugger 2Cam had softball evaluations today. The girls are pitched a few balls to hit and then they run to second base where their glove is waiting. The pitcher grounds them a few balls to throw back and all the while the coaches are watching and taking notes. Then the coaches get together a day or two later and in elementary school kickball team choosing fashion, the coaches pick their players. I guess they draw straws or pick numbers or whatever to see what order they go in and they go down the list (each girl had a number) and pick the girls one by one. It has always seemed like a bit much to me. When I played sports you signed up, paid your money and they stuck you on a team. It’s not just something Cameron’s league does, it appears to be very common in the south in general.

So we got out there on this pretty, yet very breezy and chilly day. I was hoping one of the assistant coaches from her team last Spring would be a head coach this year, but I saw him sitting on the bleachers and not with the coaches so I guess he decided not to head coach this year. I was a bit worried to see one of the coaches from last Spring whose team we played against a couple of times. I do not care for him AT.ALL.Thumbs Down He always looks annoyed in his facial expressions and in the way he carries himself. It always looks like coaching girls softball is the absolute last thing he wants to do. He doesn’t give off that kid friendly vibe either. I could be completely wrong and just judging the book by its cover, but I watched him coach T-Ball and softball and even after watching his demeanor at try-outs…. I just don’t think I am wrong about him.

Now we wait for the ‘drafting’ process and then the call from the coach that chose her with details on the first practice. If this coach calls me I will be requesting that she be put on a different team. I am not taking any chances and quiet frankly I don’t think I could stomach a whole season of having to look at him.

Aside from that I am very excited for the season to start. I love watching the games and the energy that comes with them. It’s a lot of fun.

Sports Fan 2