Ahh Pine Sol Fresh

MaidWell more like Clorox True Green fresh. It has felt a lot like Spring around here lately so I was ready for some serious Spring cleaning. I am the first to admit that I am not the world’s best house keeper. I use to keep up with the order of the house pretty well when I was a stay at home mom and even when I went back to work part time when Cameron started school. Now that I work full time, the last thing I want to do once I get home, get dinner on the table, shower the kiddo and spend some time with her….is clean. And let’s be honest, I don’t live with 2 of the tidiest people in the world either. So by the time the weekend rolls around the house is pretty much a disaster. Once everything gets picked up and put away where it belongs I don’t want to do the floors and the dusting and all the other essential things that are no fun no matter how you look it.

So this weekend I was on a mission! I wanted every surface of the house wiped clean, every toy put where it belongs, every article of clothing washed and put away and every floor in the house to be vacuumed or swept and mopped. To help make sure this mission would be a complete success, I made a detailed list for every room in the house that stated exactly what needed to be done and Cameron went through the house and hung the lists up in each of the rooms. My husband laughed at us, but I thought it was important that everyone knew what was expected to be done n each room. Also, Cameron likes to cross things off the list so this got her motivated to help out.

We spent about 4 hours total on Saturday and another 3 on it today. Man does it feel good not just seeing that the house is clean, but that it really does feel clean. I am completely done though. I still have Cam’s room. My craft room and the hall bathroom to do, but that will have to wait until next Saturday. Cameron’s room we need to go through her toys and clothes and get rid of A LOT. I would like to completely redo her room this summer with new paint and bedding and d├ęcor…. IF I can talk my hubby into it. In my craft room I bought some storage bins to do some much needed reorganizing. I am also going to purge a lot of stuff from that room as well and then maybe it will give me the motivation to get back in there and get some much needed scrapbooking done.
I just love an accomplished weekend! Bouncy 5