As always, I was excited to be ‘home’. And not only that, but I was ecstatic to be home at Christmas where it looked and felt like Christmas is suppose to. It was very rainy on Christmas day, but it did not take long for the temps to drop and the snow to start falling. It started Saturday night and by Monday morning it was time to play! We weren’t having to ‘dig out’ or anything, but there was just enough snow to coat the ground and have some fun. Especially for a child who has only really experienced the snow 2 other times in her 7 years. Well 3 if you count when she was almost 4 months old and Grandma and I stuck her in the snow bank.

Snowballs, snow angels and even a little bit of shoveling on the drive way. And then the snow fight started with her and Popa. It started with some innocent snowballs and quickly turned into shovels full of snow being tossed. As in previous years, it was hard to tell who was having more fun, Cameron or Popa.

Trying to make the perfect snowball.


With one of my parents many blow ups.

Just enough on the ground for a snow angel.

She got Popa good.

But Pop got her back even better.

Forget making snowballs. A shovel is quicker!