Travel Headache

We flew out of Montgomery around 4:00 on Christmas day to head to Michigan. I had mixed feelings about leaving on Christmas Day when I was making the plane reservations, but I didn’t have much of a choice. We had to fly back on the 31st or else ticket prices jumped $100.00+ per ticket. And it is very important to me that Cameron wakes up in her own house on Christmas morning. So we either left late in the afternoon on Christmas day, or cut our trip another day short by leaving a day later. So Christmas Day travel it was.

Some of you may remember last Christmas that Cam and I flew out of Montgomery for the first time in about 6 years. We had been flying out of Birmingham airport because I opted for the 2 hours of car travel to the airport over the hassle of lay overs and changing plans. Birmingham has a direct fly, Montgomery does not. Anyhow, we were to leave at 6am last year and ended not leaving until after 10am due to problems with the plan. Then there were more problems in Memphis where we changed plans that caused another hour delay. So arriving in Detroit at noon turned into nearly 6pm, causing us to lose a good bit of the day. The airline made it right though and gladly extended our stay by a day and half. My point to retelling you this story is that it was not only the first time flying out of Montgomery in many years, it was also the first time for having any travel trouble. So I was very relieved when we got to the airport this year and had no troubles. That is until we got to Detroit.

Surprisingly we had no trouble related to the botched terror attack that had taken place just a few hours before we had landed. In fact my parents nor I weren’t even aware of anything that had happened at the airport until we watched the 11:00 news later that night. It was quite a shock to all of us to say the least. No, my troubles were related to our baggage not arriving at the airport when we did. After about 30 minutes of waiting at luggage claim for the bags to show up and another 30 minutes standing in line at Delta’s luggage counter we discovered the bags were on another flight that was not expected to arrive until 11:00 that night. And of course the airlines stopped delivering luggage at 10:00pm. So our bags would be delivered to my parents house sometime between 8am and 5pm the following day. Not the end of the world, but a little aggravating to say the least. Thankfully it arrived Saturday morning just before 10am.

The flight back home, perfect. There was obviously a little a lot more security to deal with, but it was fine.