A Beautiful Sight

If you knew me back before I graduated High School then you probably know that I grew up in what was once the country. Dirt roads, no side walks, houses more than 2 arm lengths apart with cornfields everywhere and the woods behind us, peace and quiet. Sadly, it is country no more. The cornfields have been filled by subdivisions, the dirt roads have been paved and the crazy amount of traffic on my parents road disturbs the quiet. They do however still have the woods behind their house and from there come these…..

These deer are eating right in the backyard of my parents house. I would say they are about 25 yards or so from the backdoor. My dad built a feeder that he fills with corn and they eat from that. He spreads some hay around too for them to eat along with sugar beets and apples. The most I counted seeing at one time was 11.

Cameron really enjoyed helping Popa feed them. Here she pouring the corn into the top of the feeder.