&%$!@$# Wal - Mart

I went to Wal Mart on Tuesday to order a cupcake cake for daughters birthday (the ones where the cupcakes are pushed together to look like a cake). I am not a huge fan of Wal-Mart, but I do like the taste of their cakes better than the other local stores. I asked for it to be ready on Friday at 3:00. I need to add some hand made chocolate candies to the cupcakes (which I have never done before) so I wanted it ready today so that I could get them decorated before the party tomorrow and have time for a plan B if the chocolates didn't work in the cupcakes. I also didn't want to take the chance that something go wrong and not have time for them to correct the problem if I were to pick it up the day of the party.

It's a good thing I ordered it for today. I stood at the bakery counter for a couple minutes, but no one was in that area. I walked to the deli and asked if someone could help me, I was picking up a cake. A lady from the deli looked and looked and asked me 10 questions about what the cake looked like, did I tell them I was picking it up at this time on this day, blah blah blah. After making a call to someone, she told me there was no cake. Confused Excuse me?? She asked if I needed the cake today. I told her no I need it for tomorrow, but wanted to pick it up today which is why I ordered it to be ready today. She said they could have one ready first thing tomorrow morning. I asked her if she could tell me why it was not ready today. She said she guesses because the 'girl' wasn't there and that she doesn't work in the bakery department. Perplexed I told her I ordered the cake 3 days ago. It isn't like I ordered it last night and the baker didn't show up for work today.

I was not happy that I was going to have to make another trip out there the morning of the party and have to fuss with the cupcakes tomorrow to get them ready. That was all suppose to be done today.

I asked her if she was sure it would be ready first thing in the morning? Are you sure it will be right, what I ordered? Can you make a little star note and highlight it to make sure someone knows I am not going to be happy if I come in here tomorrow and don't have the cake I ordered? (I seriously asked her all this).

I know the girl helping me did not work in that department so I was trying not to take my frustration out on her. Tomorrow I do plan to make a fuss about the cake not being ready when I asked for it to be ready. They were insistent that I give them TWO phone numbers to contact me. Why did no one bother to call and tell me the cake would not be ready? What if I needed it for tonight? Mouth At Side

I hate when things don't go as planned.
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