Happy Birthday To My Sweet Girl

Birthday Balloon
Happy birthday to my little girl!! She is 6 years old today. She had a couple presents from family that she opened this morning before school. They have been sitting here taunting her for a few days and she couldn't wait any longer. I went to the school this afternoon and ate lunch with her. I brought yummy Subway. I sent some treats to school for the kids.

Hubby and I picked her up from school and she opened our gifts when she got home. She didn't have too much time to play with her new stuff before we had to do homework and then it was off to softball practice. We came home, cleaned up and then it was back out the door to Red Robin with the grandparents for birthday dinner. They sang to her and brought her ice cream and she got a couple of balloon animals. It was a busy day and she enjoyed it. She is really looking forward to her bowling party on Saturday!

Happy Birthday!!!!