Getting Back To The Computer

I decided to put my laptop in my craft room a few weeks ago (it is usually on a table by the couch). Since I don't go in my craft room anymore, I haven't really been on my computer except to check mail. Hence the lack of posting.

So what's been happening around our house.....

A+I had my first parent/teacher conference for the first grade year. Cameron is doing great! On her progress report a few weeks ago she is scoring 96% and above in Math, Reading and Language. She is one of the top 3 readers in her class. Her reading group is expected to start the second grade reading program around the first of the year. I am so glad she enjoys reading and is doing well with it. I hope she always enjoys reading for fun.

FairyCameron finally lost her first tooth last week. It has been loose since mid July and she literally wiggled it to the point of it just falling out. I haven't got a picture of that yet, but I have had scrapbook paper for about 3 years just waiting for this moment. Maybe one day soon I will get around to do the layout.

Pirate2 weekends ago she attended a Treasure Hunt at one of the local parks that was put on by a church. We had attended the hunt a few months ago, but it ended before it really got started due to rain. They rescheduled and couldn't have had a more perfect day. The kids were grouped by age and they had to follow a map to 6 islands and perform a task. When they completed it they got a piece of puzzle. After they earned all six pieces, they put the puzzle together to reveal instructions to find a pirate with a green handle sword. They were the first team to find the pirate so they received the treasure map. They dug up the treasure box Treasure Chestthat contained $150.00 that was split between the 8 kids on the team. It was all very exciting and a lot of fun!! There were crafts and blow up jumpy stuff and food.

Slugger 2She is also playing softball for the fall. This is here first time playing in a competitive league, although with fall ball it is pretty laid back. She is one of the youngest on the team with girls as old as 8 and 9 who have played softball before. So it has been a big learning experience for her. It is also the first time being pitched to (rather than hitting it off a tee in t-ball), but she is doing great with that. She typically hits one of the first 3 pitches. Softball ends mid October so we will be back at gymnastic for October. She will have 2 nights of softball and 2 nights of gymnastics during the week so it will be a little hectic for the next few weeks, but I think we will all manage.

PolicemanThe past weekend we attend Kids and Cops day at a local park. We had gone last year which I think was the first year they had it. This year it was twice as big. We spent 4 hours there and Cameron had a blast. Hubby and I really enjoyed the K-9 demonstration they did with about 6 or 7 k-9 dogs.

SpiderI thought I would share this picture of a little visitor we had outside our back door last week. He spun his web at the top of the door frame. From the tip of his front leg to the tip of his back leg I would say he is about 5 to 6 inches long. We were all pretty fascinated watching him.

Business WomanAs for me - I was offered more hours at work and new job title. Starting tomorrow I will be working 6 hours a day instead of 5. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes me a full time employee which means insurance! Considering I have 2 major health problem that have gone untreated for a year now because I can't afford medication and treatment, this is WONDERFUL news!!!

The Alabama National Fair starts this weekend. Cameron always looks forward to the fair so we will be attending that either this weekend or next weekend. I am sure the radio station will be giving away tickets so it would be great to win some of those!!
Black CatI can't believe it's almost Halloween. Cameron hasn't really mentioned what she wants to be this year, so we will start looking at costumes. I hope to get some decorating done at the house this week. I am really excited about the cooler weather .The Alabama summers depress me so I am hoping the fall changes will help bring me out of the funk I have been in for the past 3 or 4 months. I found some information about a new pumpkin patch/farm that is not too far from here and hope for us all to take a trip towards the end of October. Can't wait for that!!


Dawn said...

Nice to see ya back on your blog:)
boy, sounds like you guys have been pretty busy with school and sports! I know this is an exciting time for Cam!

The spider picture freaked me out a little:(

Congrats on the new hours at work - whoo hoo! which explains the lack of posting too;) Take care!