My Birthday

Birthday Candles
I had a birthday this past week! My friends sent me some fabulous handmade cards that you can see on my craft blog.

I chose Chinese for my birthday dinner which was yummy! During dinner my husband said he was going out for a smoke and ended up telling the waitress it was my birthday. They brought me this flower stuck in 4 squares of little cakes that were surrounded with orange slices and grapes. The flower petals that you see with the candles were originally folded up around the center. It looked like a tulip. The waitress lit the center which shot up a big flam, caught the candles on fire, the flower spun, the petals fell open and music started playing from it. It was the coolest thing!! They even dimmed the lights in our section, sand happy birthday (as quietly as they speak) and blared happy birthday music over the speaker. It was awesome!! Lol
I just wish I had my camera with me. They gave me a box to take the flower home in so I took a picture of it when I got home.


Dawn said...

pretty cool flower. And yummy chinese food!

the previous post about Cam - that seems like a lot of homework. I do not remember doing that much either in first grade. It is wonderful that she is doing so well!

Dawn said...

............and Happy Birthday to Cameron!!!