Do You Feel That?!?!

Fall Colors
Ooooooh how I am L-O-V-I-N-G this weather!!!! It was a beautiful, windy and cool day today and will be a freezing night getting down in the low 30's. Love it. Love it. Love it. I can already sense my mood changing, my spirit lifting. I feel like I go into hibernation during the summer time and it feels so good to want to be outside, breathing the cool, fresh air. Did I mention how much I am loving this weather? !!

We went to a new pumpkin patch/farm a few weeks ago that I had been psyched about going to for a month. The things I heard about it and their website made it sound real fun and exciting. It was a perfect Sunday! The weather was sunny and clear with a slight breeze that made the temps more fall like (in the past it has been in the upper 80's when we have gone to get pumpkins).

I was so disappointed when we got there. The site advertises "Animal Barn" and shows pictures of kids feeding goats that are standing right next to them. So I was expecting there to be an actual barn of animals that we could feed and pet by standing in a pen with them. Imagine my surprise to see a rickety awning over top a couple of fenced pens that had sold wood fencing in the front with about 6inches of space for kids to peak between and stick their hands in to feed the animals. The 'feathered friends' they advertise and show such lovely pictures of on the website are some roosters and chicks in a big pen with 6 foot fencing around it under some shade trees. The pictures show a field full of pumpkins. I think the patch was only open a couple weeks before we went and there was very slim pickings on the pumpkins. The pig races was a 2.1 second race around a track. Nothing more, nothing less. There were tractors bikes for the kids to ride around a gravel track. Cameron couldn't even push the pedals hard enough to make it go and gave up on it. The pricing was really weird to me too. Everyone has to pay at least 8.00 to get in. We wanted to do the corn maze, but it would have cost 15.00 each to do that. The only difference between $8 and $15 was the corn maze, the 2 blow up toys (for kids) and the cow train ride (for kids). Ugh! It was just nothing I expected it to be. Annoyed And Disappointed Cameron enjoyed it though, although she would have had a lot more fun at the pumpkin patch we usually go to. Oh, and where were the big sunflowers they show on their site? I don't recall seeing a single sunflower.
Anyhow, the following weekend was much more fun because I was able to pick me out a new car. My previous SUV slowly started to become a 'financial hazard' with things rattling and leaking. It was not going to make it too much longer. So we took a chance and stopped by the Ford dealership on Saturday. We were there 6 hours, but we left with a pretty green Explorer. I owned an Explorer prior to my previous car and really liked it so I was psyched about finding this one. I am not crazy about the leather interior (I'm a cloth seat kind of person), but I will learn to live with it.

Cameron is still busy being a little girl. I think she is enjoying the cooler temps too because she is wanting to be outside playing every chance she gets. She is looking forward to Halloween on Friday. Trick O’Treater She has decided to be Raggedy Ann and we have her costume all ready to go. She will be able to wear it tomorrow to gymnastics. The 1st grade pumpkin patch and fall festival at school is on Friday and she is looking forward to that. I am excited about being able to attend the event and snap some pictures that I hope to scrap some day soon. She is earning quarters Quarter this school year for her accelerated reader tests, signed papers and report cards. She earns .50 for 5/5 on her AR tests. One quarter for each 100% on her math, vocabulary and spelling tests that come home every couple weeks in a signed folder packet. And she received 1.00 (in quarters) for each A on her report card. The quarters go in a jar bank that keeps track of the amount in it. At the end of the year she can spend the money on whatever she wants. She gets very excited to see the jar fill up. She earned $27.75 in the first 9 weeks of school. She earned 18.9 AR points and was rewarded with an ice cream party at school for achiving at least 15 points. She made all A's on her report card and received an award for making the academic honor roll and one for making the honor roll for conduct. She was reward by the school with a free meal at the local steak house Steak and a free taco from Taco Bell Taco . She has a very proud momma and poppa. Way Too Happy

I have doing a little in my craft room, finally. I made a birthday car and a halloween card. I am also working on some treats for Cam's class - thanks to my friend Dawn coming to the rescue with a paper punch I needed.
Thank You
I have also been doing a lot of reading. Lately that is all I have been doing in my spare time. My sister in law loaned me a murder club series by James Patterson. I am on book 6 of 7 and I am finding it hard to put them down. Reading It usually can take me a month to read a 300 page book because I only read about 20 minutes a day. I am reading these 300-400 page books in about week. It is a very good series and I can't wait to finish the 7th book. The 8th book it due out soon. I recommend them for anyone who likes murder mysteries!
Now if I can just get back to blog reading that I enjoy doing some much. I have almost 500 enteries on my bloglines that I need to catch up on. Eyes Poppin
Back to making Halloween Treats!!


Dawn said...

Congrats to Cam for doing so well in school! I know you both are very proud of her:)and congrats to you on the new vehicle! Whoo hoo!