Our Day in Court Part I

Just before Christmas last year we had a run in with out neighbors which you can read about here.
We had signed an arrest warrant on the neighbor the day this event took place and it wasn't until early May of this year that the arrest warrant was served. A couple weeks after he was arrested for the warrant we received 2 Subpoenas to appear in court. We knew this meant the guy pleaded not guilty to the charge and chose to go to court. We did not need an attorney for this because it was neighbor guy VS the city of Montgomery. We had to appear just to testify to the events.

Anyhow, that court date was today. We found out that the neighbor apparently was stopped for a traffic violation and a check through the system showed he had a warrant for his arrest. He also had one or two outstanding traffic violations. These violations had to be cleared up before we could start with our harassment charge.

Travis was asked to give the details of what happened that morning and after 3 sentences the judge stopped him and asked if we were all neighbors? Yes. And are we still neighbors? Unfortunately, yes. The judge said he is sending it to mediation which basically means we have to talk it out with someone so that we don't continue on as feuding neighbors and end up back in court again.

So we have to go back in November for the mediation hearing. That date will put it at nearly 11 months to the day since it happened. We are not hard set on him being found guilty. We are satisfied now with the mess he has had to go through with being arrested (and it catching him totally off guard since the arrest came like 5 months after all this happened), and him knowing that he can not push us around and intimidate us because if he does we will be right back where we are now. It is also satisfying to know he has had to sit on this and think about the possibility of being found guilty. If he is found guilty of the misdemeanor, it's $190 fine and up to 6 months in jail. If found guilty it would just be the icing on the cake for us.

So today's court hearing was just a big fat waste of time. Look for part II and hopefully the conclusion to this saga in late November.