Nasty Neighbors

I have been exhausted for the past 4 hours and I can not sleep. My body wants to crash and my mind wants to keep working through the events of the day.

Long story as short as I can make it, our neighbor (who we have never spoken to in the 3.5 years we have lived here and know nothing about) got into it this morning with us while Travis was taking Cam to school. He had Cameron frightened and crying despite me asking him 5 times to "please stop you are scaring my daughter". Then he said he had a gun and would blow my husbands head off. This was followed with a bunch of comments by him (which indicated to us that he has had a problem with us) and a couple more threats along with his 20 something daughter running her mouth right along with him.

Hubby went to work, I tried to calm the little one down and take her to school and then I went home and called the police. The officer got my story, then went to the neighbor (only the daughter was home) and got her story and then at one point pulled her cuffs out and said she would cuff the neighbor girl and take her to jail if she didn't stop hollering across the yard at me. Then the father showed back up and the officer spoke to him. Officer came back to me and said I had a year to sign a warrant against him if I felt my life or families lives were threaten and that the man knew this and said he would leave us alone.

I then went and spoke to someone on the HOA board to let him know what has happened. He said the man has made threats to other people in the past, and told me about issues they have had with him for the past several years and advised me to go through with the warrant. I was then sent to talk to the VP of the board and she also agreed that we needed to sign the warrant. This man is apparently the neighborhood bully who thinks the rules apply to everyone except him and we should not take his threats lightly.

After nearly 2 hours at the police station, we now have an arrest warrant on him. He will be arrested at his home, will go through processing and post bond if he can. He will be given a court date - If he enters a guilty plea he will be sentenced right away, if he pleads not guilty he will go to trial and we will be supeaned to testify against him. We have the full support of the HOA and the board member who has heard his threats against others in the neighborhood is willing to testify to what he has witnessed.

It was after 5 when we left the police department so we are guessing it will be tomorrow when they arrest him.

We did not take this decision lightly. Travis and I talked about it and took the day to ponder it. We spoke to 2 HOA members who are well aware of the type of man this neighbor is and we were encouraged to sign the warrant. I spoke to my parents about it as well as my FIL and everyone agrees that this was the right thing to do. It is obvious this man has a temper, he doesn't know us and yet thinks very little of us, he is big on intimidation, has no regard for my child, has made a threat and has bullied the neighborhood. He needs to know that he can't push us around and think we are afraid of him.

Now if I can just get my mind to full accept that we have done nothing wrong and that we are the victims here, then maybe I can get some sleep. This is the second night in a row that I have been up this late and with the events of the day I am just wore out. I have been in the bed, on the love seat admiring the tree, on the couch watching TV, sugar free hot cocoa, a warm shower, back on the couch. I figured if I typed this out them maybe it would satisfy my mind long enough for it to SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY and let me get some sleep.


Dawn said...

Holy freakin' smokes!

I am not sure if me or DH would have been as civil as you and Travis. Definitely the right thing to get the police involved because it could have been so much worse.

What is wrong with people?!

Get some rest and know that you did what was best for you and your family :-)

Anonymous said...

what did ya'll do to piss him off?

Elisabeth said...

Wow! I think you did the right thing as well. What a jackhole!