Cameron School & Sports & Other News

There has been so much going on lately that the past 3 weeks have just flown by. Cameron started school 3 weeks ago and she hasn't had a bit of trouble adjusting to first grade. I am just amazed at the difference between the start of last school year and the start of this school year. If there could be something as different as night and day, this would be it. It's been wonderful! She loves her teacher and I really like her too. We have been very lucky so far with wonderful teachers. I hope it continues through the years to come.

StudyingFirst grade is definitely different from kindergarten. She had one homework assignment a week last year aside from reading. This year, not only does she have homework every night, but she has 2 or 3 assignments each night (math, writing, reading unit). In addition to that she has to practice sight words, math problems and spelling words each night. She has a test on each of these 3 subjects every Friday. She is required to do 25 math problems in 2 minutes and has and 8 word spelling test plus one sentence she has to write. And then she is tested on 12 different sight words. Oh and we can't forget the 2 Accelerated Reader books she has to read and test on each week. This is first grade! I swear I didn't have homework like that until 5th or 6th grade. Have I just blocked it out?? Not Sure

BooksSo far she is handling it very well. It doesn't seem to be over whelming to her, I guess because she is not struggling with any of the work at this point. And I am pleased to know she is in the top reading group in her class. With the read well program they use it is broken into units 1 - 36 and she is expected to reach unit 36 by the end of the year. Because of her reading group level, she has started with unit 27 so she is expected to finish the first grade read well program by the end of the first 9 week marking period. I am not sure where they will go from there, but they will have to do something because the reading units are 50% of their grade each marking period.

A+She is also on a 10 point grading scale this year. No more S (satisfactory) N (needs work) etc.. from the kindergarten days. So her report cards will be much more exciting to look at this year.

Baseball HeadIn sports news, she is still plugging away at gymnastics two hours a week. We have started fall softball this week and before the practice even started I knew we were in a whole new ball game (pun intended). We came from little kiddie boy/girl t-ball where Cam was one of the oldest and the majority of the kids just ran all over the field with out a clue. This time it is girls softball and Cam is the youngest on the team. It is 6, 7 & 8 year olds and by the looks of it I would say they are mostly 8 year olds with a few 7's and one (maybe 2) 6 year olds. And these girls ARE.SERIOUS. Shock 2 They showed up with cleats on their feet and bat bags over their shoulder, complete with tight ponytails and chewing bubble gum. The first practice was an hour and half and included an assistant couch spending one on one time with the girls as a batting coach. SERIOUS. She did great though and doesn't seem to be the least bit intimidated by the bigger, (and more obviously) experienced girls. I think she will learn a lot this season and it will probably be a deciding factor in whether or not this is the kind of sport she wants to continue in.

The practice has worked with her gymnastic schedule, but I think the game nights are going to interfere. So I think we are going to put a hold on the gymnastics classes until after fall ball. With her school work, I think 1 activity at a time will be better anyway.

BowlingAnd of course her birthday is coming up next week. I can't believe my baby will be six. Blowing Nose Where is the time going?? She will be having a bowling party next Saturday and is really excited. We have always had her birthday parties in Michigan with family so this is her first all kid birthday party since she was 2. I made invitations last week to send out that you can see on my craft blog. I have to get busy this week and get some treats made for school and for the party.