So Tempting

Books I ordered 2 books from Amazon last week, The Year of Fog and Hold Tight. I wasn't expecting them to arrive until the end of this coming week at the earliest. Well they showed up at my door yesterday. I am really excited to read them both, but I am still reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Mouth At Side I have been reading this book for what seems like forever. I usually only read for 20 minutes or so a day while I am waiting in the car pool lane at school. If the book is really really good I find time at home to read more. This is a good book, but it's just not a page turner. When I usually have a book or two waiting to be read it will push me to finish the one I am currently reading. That's why I went ahead and ordered some thinking that by the time they got here I would have gotten through my current book. I didn't have time to do that though. Frown There is nothing bad about my current book so I would hate to stop reading in the middle just so I can start another book. I wouldn't be able to pick the book back up later and start where I left off. And I certainly don't want to start the book over. These other 2 books just look so much more fun to read. It's very tempting. I guess I will try and push my way through the current book and try to get it finished up by the end of the week. Maybe the book will pick up some and encourage me to devote more time to it.