I have been away from cyber space for a while and I am coming back to rant in a huge way!

Hubby takes Cam to school in the morning and I pick her up. Hubby didn't feel comfortable with her riding the bus. That's fine. Next year if he doesn't want her to ride the bus, he will have to take her and pick her up. After 8 months of car pool lane I can no longer deal with the inconsiderate, rule breaking, "Why should I have to wait in a long line" parents at dd's school. IAMTHISCLOSE to jumping out of my car, knocking on the offenders window and asking them why the hell they think they are so special.

There are 2 lanes around the car pool loop. One for picking up kids at the curb and one for driving around to get to the parking lot to PARK your car or to pull out of the pick up line once you get your child. On a near daily basis some asshat will drive in the drive thru line and cut into an open spot in the pick up line to get their child. And then have the balls to argue with the teacher directing traffic as to why they are doing it and then shrug their shoulders when the teacher tells them they can not do that.

The other offenders are those who will park on the street in front of the school on the opposite side of the street where it clearly states NO PARKING. Where the parents have been told numerous time NOT TO PARK. 15 to 20 cars will park there every day. So now both sides of the street is lined with cars making it hard for 2 way traffic to get through. It is also very dangerous because kids are crossing a busy street to get to their cars and are swinging doors open into traffic.

Even more offenders, those who will sit in the left turn lane to turn into the school, but they are wanting to cut in to the car pool line that is backed up down the street some 50+ cars. The biggest problem with this is that they are now holding up all the traffic behind them because they are between the 2 lines of parked cars and other don't have the room to go around. Especially the buses who lay on their horns (good for them) to get the cars to move. However the car will only turn if some one in line stops to let them in. Worst yet, I have watched cars sit in that turn lane and when cars start moving up to pick kids up, someone is not paying attention and leaves some space between their car and the one in front of them. The car in the turn lane turns and slides in to the line. Keep in mind that some of the cars he has cut off have been sitting in line for 15 minutes or more at that point.

There's still more. The cars in the parking lot. These are the people that come right before 3:00 and park, walk to the area that the kids are released to outside and pick their kids up rather than getting in the car pool line. That's great if they want to pick their kids up that way. But the car pool lane has to proceed through the parking lot once they have their child in order to get to the road. The cars in the parking lot back out and stop the car pool line coming through whether some one stops to let them out or not. They just back up and expect the cars to stop and let them out. This is the worst right at the start of the kids being let out and again, the people they are holding up are the people that have sat in the car pool lane for 30+ minutes by now. (Cars start lining up as early as 2:25. The car riders are let out of school last and it is at least 3:10 at that point).


T-Ball practice - If you are not going to bring your kid to practice, why do you sign them up? Cam has 11 kids on her team. One has never come to a practice, 1 has been to only one practice and several have shown up to 3 or less practices. There are 3 or 4 kids out of 11 that show up to practice every week. They all make it to the games on Saturday though. To make things more frustrating, the coach called practice after just 30 minutes one day and twice has just not showed up (Tuesday was one of these days). No phone call to say it has been canceled, no explanation after the fact. He has called and canceled before due to weather, but twice he has just not showed. What coach does that?? I know he is frustrated because kids don't come to practice, but we are at the end of the season and he knows we are there for EVERY practice. I am there every week helping him out when no other parents will offer to help. The least he could do is call and tell me he isn't going to show up. How am I suppose to teach my child about commitment and following through with what you start if the freakin coach doesn't even show up to practice?? I really thought this "fun, church going" league was best for us to start out in since t-ball was new for Cam, but it has been a complete joke. I am glad Saturday finishes up the season and we look forward to starting t-ball next month at the YMCA. Hopefully the $80 cost for signing up at the Y (it was only $15 at the church) will mean more kids showing up to practice and coaches who care enough to be there for the ones who come.

On to my husband. For the past 2 days now I have been home less than 5 minutes before I am ready to scratch his eyes out.

No one comes to our house. No one goes into our back yard. No one can see the cement patio slab outside our back door unless they came inside the gate, walked straight 10 feet, turned and walked 20 more feet. Yet the ass hole has a fit that his 5 year old is out there drawing on the cement with chalk. Complaining how it looks like shit to have chalk drawings on the cement ..... that no one can see. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is coming from a man who has left a bright ass green hose pulled out in the driveway that everyone who drives by can see.......... for 2 MONTHS. Who will leave bags of grass sit next to the back shed for a year that people who walk by can see through the gate. Who will put a trash can out side the front door for 2 days so he can unload his months worth of trash that he hasn't thrown away because he apparently doesn't know we have a trash bag in the house. I told him if he didn't shut up about the chalk I would send her out in the driveway with it. And if he doesn't quit with this kind of bullshit, he will come home one day to chalk drawings on our brick house.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm.....maybe you need some anger management classes?