Surprise Call

My daughter had a best friend (K) that she met at her Montessori school. They also did dance together. We haven't seen her since the end of school last May, but Cameron mentions her a lot and says how she misses her and would like to see her again.
Today I received a voice mail message on my phone while I was at work. It was from K's mom. K wanted to invite Cameron to her birthday party in a couple weeks. The mom said that K talks a lot about Cameron and wanted her to come to her party (Cam went last year too). I called her back and told her Cameron would be thrilled to attend the party. Cameron was so excited when I told her about it.
The mom asked if K could call Cameron today around 4 to talk. She called while we were on our way to gymnastics. I heard Cameron say "I really miss you too K" awww. They chatted for a few minutes and then I talked to her mom. We are hoping to set up some play dates for the girls.

It really made Cameron's day. I can't wait for them to see each other again.