It Was Fun, But I Hurt

We had a pretty full Easter Sunday. We went to Ihop for breakfast and Cameron got the Horton Hears a Who Mayor's breakfast. It was quite interesting. A silly stack of pancakes with colored chocolate chips, pink and blue syrup and a sucker in the top along with green eggs (scrambled eggs with spinach) and ham. She washed it down with a Beezlenut Splash drink which was like a sprite with blue and red jello squares in it. Here is a visual.

Then we went and played 3 games of bowling which was fun, but my back is feeling it today. We went home for a little rest and then out to the big baseball field to play a little baseball and get some practice in. I was throwing a lot to hubby and my arm was feeling that a little this morning.

After some ball play we hopped over to the playground where the static from the plastic slides I was sliding down were building up some serious static in my and shocking the crap out of me when I then touched the metal playground equipment. I decided to climb up a steep slide the wrong way and my legs were feeling that this morning.

It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. I am just a little sore all around today, but the fun family time was worth it.