Happy Easter (pics)

BunnyHappy Easter!!

On Friday all the kindy classes went to the museum in the morning and then to the park for lunch and some Easter fun! It was a GORGEOUS day for the festivities. Each class spent about 10 minutes at a station and then rotated. One of the stations was an egg race which Cam is doing here.

Egg 2 One of the stations was the egg hunt (although not much hunting since the eggs were just scattered on a hill Happy ) . After they collected all the eggs, Mrs. T dumped them in a pile and the kids got to choose equal amounts of eggs.

After the park fun all the kids walked back to school since the park is just located at the front of the subdivision where the school is located. So it was all sidewalks back to school. I kept thinking about how pretty it was out and that there was several inches of snow falling back home in Michigan. Snow Flake 2 Crazy!

Painted Head We did the ritual painting of the Easter eggs last night. That means egg salad sandwiches for lunch this week, YUM!

Easter Basket The Easter Bunny came by last night and left a basket of chocolaty goodness for Cameron and a Horton Hears A Who painting book. Grandma and Poppa sent along some pink and lime green crocs (which Cameron lives in), and Uncle John and Aunt Theresa & kids sent some super cute Sponge Bob PJ's and treats.

We will be heading out in a bit for some Easter Day fun as a family. I'll post more later. Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny