Busy Busy

Cameron is really enjoying gymnastics. She goes twice a week for an hour each session. Last Wednesday she stayed for 2 hours and I believe she would have stayed for 3 if my but wasn't going numb on the bleachers. Because it was spring break, the kids could go anytime between 3 and 6 and stay for as many of the 3 sessions that they wanted to. She is having a lot of fun with it and getting some good exercise in the process.

She is also playing t-ball right now as well. She does that twice a week also with games on Saturdays. The kids are 4 - 6 (boys and girls) and it is not competitive. There is no score kept and they only play 3 innings. I don't have any pictures yet because I help coach and spend the whole game on the field. I guess I will have to let Travis take some, although I don't think they would be as good as mine. Tongue Out They did get professional pictures done before the game today and we ordered some trading cards. I will be able to post a picture when they come in.

Today was their second game (I think there are 7 total) and the team is looking good. We definitely don't have any lazy kids. The whole team will run after a ball and some will fight over who is going to get it. LOL We worked on keeping them in their spots at practice this week and not all running after the ball. They did a real good job today staying in their positions. It's been a lot of fun and I am pretty sure Cameron will want to play again next year! I might even offer to head coach if they are needing coaches at sign up time like they did this year. Winky


Dawn said...

Mel, these pictures are great. Cam looks like she is really enjoying it - and T-Ball too? fantastic - can't wait to see some pictures. Good luck Coach!

Now I know why you have disappeared - lol Have fun!!!