It's Been A While

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. The past couple weeks I have only been at my computer long enough to check mail and a few sites. I have been plagued with back pain and can not find a comfortable place at the house to sit for an extended period of time. I have had siactica (sciatic nerve pain) for many years on my left side, but it comes and goes and usually only lasts for a little while during the day. I can usually calm it by laying down for a bit or just walking through the pain until it quits. None of that is working this time and the pain starts on my left side but then spreads across my lower back and into my right side. So something is definitely going on back there and it has made me pretty miserable these past few weeks. Depressed The past couple days it seems to be a bit better so maybe I can get back to normal.

Nothing overly exciting to report. I attended my first ever board meeting for work last week and gave a little report, which went well. I had my 3 month review the follwing day and that went great. Thumbs Up I can not believe I have been a working girl for 3 months. I really enjoy my job and it's great being able to see my friend Michelle everyday. Smile

Saturday we (or I should say Hubby) painted our master bath and bedroom and we got a new pretty bed set. The walls are a pretty yellow that looks very nice with the blue and green colors we put in the living room and kitchen.

Cameron started gymnastics last night and will go twice a week. She really had fun last night so I think it was a good choice for her. She debated on gymnastics or going back to dance. I am glad she decided to do gymnastics because I think she needs that kind of activity to burn some of her energy off.

On the weight loss home front - it has been slow going. I gained 3 pounds over the Christmas holiday. I have lost 5.5 though so I am back on track. I just need to work a little harder. I know I need to exercise and my friend Elisabeth has extended numerous invitations to join her in walking which I really appreciate. Thank You I just can't motivate myself to do it though. Mouth At Side I think one day it is just going to hit me and I will start doing some sort of movement. My mini goal is to lose 25-30 pounds before the end of May.

That's about it for now.


Dawn said...

glad to hear work is going well!!

I feel your pain :-( I hope you get better soon. I can make a copy of the PT exercises that I have to do and email them if you want?

Gymnastics, pretty cool. I wished I had done that growing up. I am sure Cam will enjoy it!

Feel better soon! :hugs: