Sad Story

I listen to a morning radio talk show out of Birmingham called the Rick and Bubba show. I think I have listened to the show since I moved here 11 years ago. This morning since it is a holiday I didn't catch any of the show until 5 minutes before it went off the air when we got in the car to go to the store. All I was able to catch was a woman caller crying and by her words I got the impression someone had died. Bubba thanked her for her comments and then a guy who goes by the name "Speedy" on the show (who fills in when one or both of the guys are out) said something about funeral arrangements and information on their website. I wasn't really paying attention and heard only bits and pieces of things. Speedy closed the show with an uncertainty of when they would be back on the air.

So I called my hubby at work who usually listens to them as well to see what was going on. He hadn't been listening, but his dad read in the paper that Rick's youngest son had drowned Saturday night in the family pool.

When I got home I did some online searching and found that some kids at the home were out playing in the snow. The mom brought the kids in, locked the doors and put a movie in for the kids while she took a shower. When she went back downstairs the 2 year old was gone and the door was open. She found him in the pool.

I obviously don't personally know the family, but have learned a lot about them through the radio show. Rick has 5 children and anyone who has listened to the show knows about his strong faith in God and the church. He is very much a family man and referred to his youngest son Bronner as Cornbread on the show.

It's just very sad news to hear. Lots of thoughts and prayers to the family.