Paper Doll Fun

I bought the Paper Doll Cricut cartridge last week. I played the price matching game with AC Moore for the first time and got the 90.00 cartridge for less than 45.00 (10% tax included). I am so excited to have this cartridge! The amount of stuff on it is amazing. Eyes Poppin

I made a Santa for her Santa picture scrap page. He has a 5 inch doll body.

A witch for her halloween page. She has a 3.5 inch doll body.
Her witch costume was black and sparkly turquoise so I added some awesome turquoise glitter glue to the dress and hat. I tried to get a better picture of the glitter.And these are Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I cut and helped Cameron put together to play with. They have 5.5 inch doll bodies.

Oh my goodness, the things I have in mind with this cartridge!!!!!!!!!!! Way Too Happy


Bug Addict said...

I think this may be duplicated but I keep getting an error.

...............these are absolutely adorable!


Jim, Elisabeth & Emily said...

Cute!! Just an FYI (I didn't know this until I went in there the other day), look above the out door to ACM. You'll see a huge red sign that says to bring in a competitor's ad and they'll match that price plus give you 10% off.

I've never noticed it before until the guy pointed it out to me. I had to ask for the 10% and then he showed me the sign. I thought to myself what a jackhole he was for not giving me the 10% off until I asked for it. If it's there in a HUGE sign, I shouldn't have had to ask. =(

Melissia said...

Thanks D!

Elisabeth, I knew the sign was there. It use to be right over the out door and now it is over the first 2 registers. I would have asked for the 10% off when I took my ad in, but the guy had already entered it in the register. On the receipt it came up as a Military discount??? You shouldn't have to ask for the additional 10%, I agree.

Dawn said...

I sent you an email but wanted to post here too :-)

This cartridge is wonderful. I am working on a bride and groom now for a card.

The accessories on this cartridge are awesome!

We are playing with paper dolls - lol