Do I need Another Bug??

I already have a Cricut (pronounced cricket) which I just love. I wish it had come out before the Sizzix did because I never would have wasted my money on that over priced bulky machine. Anyhow, I have been perfectly fine with my little cricut but I have been eyeing the cuttle bug for about year now. I haven't been really interested in the die cutting part, but I really like the big embossing folders to do cards with. The cuttle bug dies and folders are inexpensive to begin with and they go on sale a lot and unlike the cricut, you can use coupons to purchase cuttle bug items.

So the girls got together last night for pizza and chatter (we missed you Dawn) and Elisabeth brought her cuttle bug for us to see. Now I am giving it a lot more consideration. Do I need another bug in my scrap room?? Will my little cricut become neglected?? Something to think about.


Dawn said...

I missed ya'll too :-)

Of course you need the cuttlebug. The Cricut is specifically for cutting only - the cuttlebug you can do both but you can just dedicate it for embossing. And the cuttlebug dies are one size only and you couldn't in large like with the Cricut. So you can still use your Cricut for all the cutting - no neglect at all :-)
Do not get caught up in buying dies for the cuttlebug- only embossing folders.

If you need any more enabling let me know - HA!

Melissia said...

If you need any more enabling let me know - HA!

LOL!! You know I wouldn't be able to buy the machine and not buy the dies. Especially since I just saw all the Disney ones at ACM the other day. Too cute!

Travis read this post and said I don't need another bug. Hee-hee