Little Update From Michigan

Cameron and I are enjoying our time here in Michigan so far. We have had a chance to visit with some of our family and Cameron has had a lot of time with her cousins. Today we will be meeting my dad at the finish line of the Wish A Mile 300. He has checked in the last 2 days after he completes his 100 miles. It has not been easy but he is doing it and we are all very proud of him! My mom had a picture on the computer of my dad from when he was training that I wanted to share. We will be taking lots of pictures later today. We were actually able to see him riding in to the first stop at Ferris State on Friday because of the live feed they have been broadcasting online. He is also in one of the still shots they are showing as well. We all thought that was pretty exciting and it's nice to be able to see the riders on their journey.


Dawn said...

Just wanted to drop a quick Hi!

How exciting for your Dad! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Hope you are back in AL soon!