Back Home

We are back in hell Fire (literally, it is that hot) after 2 weeks in Michigan. We arrived Wednesday afternoon which was a day later than planned due to a flight delay on Tuesday night. Thankfully I was notified while checking in at Detroit that there was a delay that would cause me to miss the connecting flight in Atlanta and was able to go back home with my parents. I could have been stuck in ATL.

We had a busy busy 2 weeks. We arrived on Tuesday and had a couple days with my dad before he left on his 300 mile bike ride for Make A Wish. Then my mom, Cameron and I had a few days to spend together. I was able to visit with my Grandma and with my cousin and Uncle which I hadn't seen in a few years.
Bike Riding Sunday we met my dad at the finish line in Chelsea, MI. ( A seperate post coming about that).
RV Monday until Thursday we spent at the campground. Camping is something my family has done for years (starting in tents) and my parents continue to camp, however now they do it with the luxuries of a new camper. My niece and nephew spent a couple days with us so the kids could play. It was unusually HOT Sun in Michigan while we were these so when we weren't at the lake, the camper air conditioning was really appreciated.
Live To Swim We had one day to rest and then Cameron and I were on our way Saturday morning with my brother and his family to Michigan Adventure Amusement Park. We spent the first part of the day at the water park. Cameron being the water bug that she is was just in heaven. She really took to the wave pool.
Roller Coaster The second half was spent riding rides and playing games in the park. We were there until close at 10:00pm and since it is a 3 hour drive home we drove an hour and then stayed over in a hotel. Then we drove home the rest of the way on Sunday. I had a water camera with me at the park so I have to get the film developed before I can show pics. I hope they came out.
Birthday Monday night we had just a small get together with about 15 friends and family for an early birthday celebration for Cameron. Her birthday isn't until September, but this is going to be the first time she is unable to have a big party in Michigan so we had a little one.
Tuesday we packed up to head home in the evening, but like I said we got delayed and went back home with my parents. We started home early Wednesday morning. It was a great trip!!


Elisabeth said...

Sounds like you gals had a blast!!