Weight Watchers Progress

I haven't given a weight report in a while because there hasn't been much to report. Well, nothing good anyway. 2 weeks ago I only needed to lose 1.5 pounds to reach my first mini goal. I ended up gaining a pound so then I needed to lose 2.5.
Last week my scale just wasn't moving and I was afraid to go weigh in and be disappointed again, so I just didn't go. I can not get in the habit of avoiding the truth. Weighing every week has a lot to do with my success with the program. So this week I was feeling more positive and anxious to weigh in. I am happy to report a 4.5 pound loss!! (That's for 2 weeks mind you). Not only did I reach my mini goal of 33 pounds, but I earned another star as well!! Total weight loss after 17 weeks is 35 pounds even!!! Whaoo!
I received a key chain for reaching my goal and a charm to celebrate 16 weeks of commitment. You earn more charms for different things.

This past week I have been hit with one disappointment after another, so it's good to start the weekend off with a little bit of success! If you follow my weight watcher threads you know that I treat myself on Fridays if I have lost weight. I don't gorge on food, but will eat something I normally don't because of the points or just simply eat a meal and not worry how many points I am consuming. I haven't been able to do that for the last 2 Fridays so today Cameron and I will be having lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. On a side note, I stopped at McDonald's for a Diet Coke (I swear) and they are giving out pea green straws because they are promoting the new Shrek movie. The straw just looks so very wrong.