I Miss Crafting

The Stockett household has been pretty busy lately getting ready for some big changes in the upcoming months so I haven't had a lot of time to scrap or stamp. Depressed Being so busy with things, I didn't realize how much I missed "playing with paper" as hubby calls it, until I got the chance to do some stamping Friday morning. The school wanted to make thank you cards to send to all the businesses that donated to the food festival. So the kids stamped a bunch of sheets of paper and the director, myself and another parent got together at the school and used the paper to make cards. It was so much fun and gave me such an itch to get in my scrap room and do some work. Not this weekend though, too busy with the house. I will get to do a little stamping this week though because I have to make 2 birthday cards and 2 Mothers Day cards. I have also come accross some sewing patterns I want to try my hand at. Happy