First Baseball Game

Cameron attend her first baseball Baseball game (and my first Biscuits game) on Tuesday. Yes, we are called the Biscuits, and no I don't know why we have such a stupid name for our team. Rolling Eyes Anyhoo, it was school day at the stadium and Cam's school attended. Hubby and I went as chaperons. At first I was a little bummed because we had lawn seats and we were sitting behind right field. But after about an hour when the little ones started getting antsy, it was nice to be out in the grass for then to move and play a little rather than confined to seats. Because it was school day they had little games and stuff going on in between innings. Big Mo came out a few times to do some dancing. I am pretty sure Big Mo is an anteater, although Cameron kept calling him an elephant. Again, I don't have any explanation why we are called the Biscuits and the mascot is an anteater. At one point he was doing the chicken dance. This is Cameron and her friend Elon doing their chicken dance. Chicken
It was a fun day, although a little long being in the sun. There was a nice breeze blowing though and made the temperature just right for a ballgame.