I Give Up

I spent the last 4 hours in bed flipping through the channels a million times over. TV 2 I could not fall asleep so I decided to just get up. I worked in the house for 7 hours straight packing things and trying to straighten up. I figured I would be worn out, but here I am at 4:00am wide awake. Shocked The Realtor is coming by in the morning and I need to run to the bank and go weigh in (not looking forward to that). If I manage to past that with out crashing then I would love to get a card or two made. I still need to clean up the mess I made in my scrap room Tuesday night making the end of school stuff and that might turn me off of wanting to go in there. Mouth At Side Computer Well, I am going to surf the net and eat a bowl of fruit and then see if I can get a couple hours sleep before the youngin' wakes up.