2006 In Review

Where did the year go? I still can't get over how fast it went!

I decided for 2006 I wanted to read more books so I set a goal of 12 books for the year starting with a book I received for Christmas. I started off the year on a good kick reading several book in the first couple months. Unfortunately life got in the way and I slowed down during some of the months. I finished the year having read 15 and half books so I exceeded my goal.

At the end of February, my parents came down and we then met up in Florida with other family members for a beautiful beach wedding. It was so much fun and I am really glad we were able to go.

In March we added a new addition to the family - a 9 week old kitty named Oliver (Oly). He has been such a delight. He is very sociable and playful and I love watching him play and scamper around.

We sold our old house in April after nearly 2 years of it just sitting and a almost of year of it being on the market. What a relief that was to get that rock off our back. After selling the house I was able to talk Hubby into giving up the extra bedroom so I can turn it into a scrap/stamp/craft room. I designed the entire room from the paint color down to the measurements of the furniture I wanted to put in there. I never had so much fun redoing a room! My hope for 2007 is to get 10 times more use out of it then I did in 2006.

Cameron did a test run of the school setting in June for the summer. She did great and was able to ease right into Pre-K for the fall. She loves school and I feel very blessed that we are able to send her to a private school. I am very pleased with the Montessori teachings and I feel comfortable with her being there. I am not sure I could feel at ease if she were in a Montgomery public school right now at the age of 4.

At the end of August Cameron and I flew to Michigan for a week of camping with my parents and my brothers family. It was Cameron's first experience camping and although we had the luxury of my parents new camper, she still experienced the fun parts of camping - Campfires, swimming in the lake, hot dogs over the fire, s'mores and bugs. She talks about it all the time and hopefully we can do it again in 2007.

I started working again (for an actual pay check) in August. It's been pretty good so far. I am getting paid to do something I love (paper crafting) so there isn't much I can complain about.

My grandmother died in October. It was not unexpected and she is in a better place now and back with my grandfather. For various reasons I was not able to make it home for the funeral and that has still be hard to deal with.

In November I finally signed on with Stampin Up as a demonstrator and although I am still getting my feet wet, I am enjoying the work.

December came and went in what seemed like quicker than a wink. My parents were here for Christmas which was a big highlight for the year.

Now I am ready to take on 2007!