Target Book Sale (unadvertised)

I received an email from the Target Book Club stating that Bookmarked and Breakout books at Target are buy 2 get 1 free. I went today and picked up 3 books I have been wanting to read and noticed that there is no advertisement for the B2G1 special. I had printed out the email just incase I had a problem at the register, but I didn't. He scanned the 2 most expensive books and the 3rd one rang up $00.00. Yahoo!!

Here is the promotion site. Look under club picks and breakout books for the books that you can get with this offer.

I have read some of the Club Picks:
The Tenth Circle (currently reading - so far it's good)
The Memory Keeps Daughter - Good but it could have had a better ending
The Glass Castle- Great Book!

The Book Of Bright Ideas- Picked up today
Blue Water- Picked up today

I haven't read any of the break out books, but I picked up Firefly Cloak today.

Happy Reading!