Christmas Is Over *pout*

I hate the week following New Years. I am also in a gloomy mood. It's not that I lack the excitement of new year, just that I want to morn the end of Christmas. This past Christmas came and went much too fast. It is hard to believe it has been over a month since I put the lights and the tree up. These things stay up until the weekend following New Years, so I still have a few more days to enjoy them. *sigh*

My pity party aside, Christmas was great! Santa was very generous as well as grandma and popa and many other family members. I did a sweep of toys before Christmas based on what Santa was bringing. I will have to do it again to make more room for all the toys from the family. It was great having my parents here for the week and for them to be able to share in the Santa excitement of Christmas morning.

I got a cool light box that I have been wanting and an AC Moore gift certificate from Travis and lots of money and gift cards from friends and family to spend on myself. We did a lot of shopping last week and I bought lots of new things to play with in my scrap room. I spoiled myself with a $60.00 box of Prisma colored pencils. I have a small box and I just love the colors when I use them with mineral spirits so I splurged and bought a big pack. I think it will be money well spent! We also hit the after Christmas sales and I got a bunch of stuff that I can use all year.

It was a fun Christmas and as always I am sad to see it go. I am already counting down the days until Christmas 2007.