I'm Losing It

My creative side is becoming defiant. It's rejecting the pile of stuff on my table waiting to be completed for the holidays. I am here wasting some time on the computer trying to give myself a break. The end is in sight. Frankly I think I am putting off the last few projects because I know when I am done I will finally have to clean up the huge messes I have made in my scrap room. Getting everything out is fun. Putting it away, not so much. I need to start wrapping gifts, but that's just another potential mess that I don't need to make until I get the current mess cleaned up. *sigh*


Dawn said...

I know how you feel, I made a lot of altered cans this year and some other goodies and my room looked like a hurricane went through it, I almost have it where you can see the floor again.

You will have your room clean soon too! Just think of all the wonderful things you made with it and everyone will be so appreciative and love everything you did for them and it is very much worth it!!!!!

Elisabeth said...

That is the one thing I hate about scrapping or doing anything craft related. I make a mess and don't want to clean it up afterwards!

Melissia said...

The clean up is the worst. And for some reason, no matter how careful I try to be I still end up making a huge mess.