In Search Of A Tea Set

Cameron's teacher posted a little wish list of sorts for those wanting to buy the teachers something for Christmas. I am sure some will think that is tacky, but I thought it was great! It is all stuff she would like for the classroom, so it's not like she has perfume and jewelery listed. So one of things she wanted was a real child size tea set. I didn't even bother to look at places like Wal- Mart because I am pretty sure any child tea sets you will find there are either plastic or those ity bity play sets. She wants one the children can actually use.

I wasn't really sure where to look around here and the last day of school for Christmas break is tomorrow and she posted the list on Friday. So ordering anything online probably wasn't going to make it in time. I remembered there was a place on Mulberry that did tea parties for little girls or bridal showers etc. Surely they would sell tea sets for kids. There is also a store called the doll house over there and thought they might have them as well. Cameron and I went over there yesterday afternoon and stopped at the doll house first. Closed on Mondays. We went next door to the Childrens store. Closed on Mondays. It's the week before Christmas, why the heck are you people CLOSED? Okay, so we go around the corner to the tea party place and what do I see out front? BUSINESS CLOSING, EVERYTHING MUST GO! Now I am sure that I will find a set here and probably for a great price. Closed. Grr!! Fine, everything around there is closed on Monday so we will try again on Tuesday. In the meantime I discovered that the tea place had a website. Of course there is nothing listed there about the business closing, but I did read that they are only open Wed-Sun. That's not going to help me because we need the tea set Wednesday morning. So I cross my fingers hoping I can find a good, but not expensive tea set at the doll house.

Cameron and I went back today and they had the perfect child size ceramic tea set for a great price. Not only that, but they have really changed that store since I was last in there several years ago. They use to have mostly doll houses and dolls (go figure) and a few toys here and there. Now the toy selection seems to out number the dolls and houses. The placed is packed full of a lot of neat toys. I would like to go back there with out Cameron so I can really look at what they have. Travis' mom has been wanting to get her a nice tea set because Cameron and her play tea party with MIL real tea sets when she goes over there. I need to mention the sets they have at the Doll House.