Candy Canes

Cameron has gotten candy canes from various people/places this Christmas and they have all been the traditional peppermint flavor - which makes her gag. I use to buy candy canes every year for kids in my daycare classes and I never thought to buy peppermint ones because what little tot likes peppermint? I always bought the fruity flavored ones. So now my child is becoming very anti candy cane and that should be considered a sin a Christmas time. No candy canes at Christmas is like not having pumpkins at Halloween. It's just wrong. So I told her today (after receiving another p. mint cc) that we will have to ask Santa for some good ones. Poor thing can't understand why people keep giving her this nasty tasting candy.



Dawn said...


Tell Cam it makes me gag too, YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww. I love candy canes. My sister, brother and I used to like to suck the straight part until it had a very sharp point. And then we'd stick each other! LOL I have no clue why we did that.

Melissia said...

Hee-hee. I don't mind the peppermint as long as I don't bite it.

Elisabeth, I use to do the same thing. LOL