Storm Pictures

It took hours for them to show pictures of the damage at Fun Zone so DH and I decided to go see for ourselves. WOW. What a mess. They had the roads all blocked with emergency vehicles so you can't real close. We took this from back behind the fun zone building. For those who know the area, we were at the CVS parking lot at Taylor and Atlanta HWY. Dawn and Elisabeth, if you catch this before you head home, you will not be able to get past the Dairy Queen so if you head home that way, you will have to cut down to wares Ferry and go from there. Here's a picture of what was Fun Zone. (click the pictures to see it bigger)

Next to fun zone is the post office. These are trees and power lines right beside the post office and along Brown Springs road. The soccer and baseball fields also received a lot of damage. The bathroom buildings were torn up pretty bad, trees down every where, lights ripped off the light poles and metal bleachers all over the place.

This one is hard to see because we were moving in the car and it is pouring rain, but this is on I-85 at the Bell Rd overpass. We were on Bell rd. You can see the green mile marker sign that came off the overpass bent around a tree. The trees right here were all snapped.

This is a group of trees on Bell road. Again, hard to see, but the trees were all snapped like tooth picks. Those familiar with the area, this right near where the Buffalo are on Bell Rd. This was as far as we could go down Bell headed home and had to detour.

We also drove through the Woodmere area (where Elisabeth use to live) and there are huge trees down every where in that area as well. I can't believe how close this actually was to us. I thought it was just at Taylor Rd and Atlanta HWY, but there is a good bit of damage less than 2 miles from our house. Scary stuff.

Since taking the pictures we have seen some footage on TV. There are apartments across from Fun Zone that are trashed as well. I hope to get out tomorrow and try and get some better pictures.


Elisabeth said...

It was scary! Thank goodness we don't live in Woodmere anymore. Phew! I was home with Emily yesterday since Daycare was told that Elmore County schools were closed so they also closed. We had a pine tree topped off and hit the privacy fence. But nothing major. Glad everything is ok your way. =)

Anonymous said...

Just WOW! Due to picking my car up on the bypass yesterday I just decided to go down Burbank to Waresferry anyway - Waresferry was backed up at least a mile but got through it pretty quickly

Again WOW!