Rough Weather

It's been a very active morning with lots of rain and strong storms. They predicted yesterday that it might be a little hairy and they were right. There was a thunderstorm passing through this morning when I got up. I debated if I should even send Cameron to school, but usually if we get anything bad it's later in the day and I figured Cameron would be home by the time anything heavy came. At 10:00am the tornado sirens went off and the news was reporting strong storms heading in so I decided to just go and get Cameron from school since the school is just up the road. I figured (or at least hoped) the kids were crammed in a safe place so I might as well bring her home. The rain and wind picked up just as we got back and the lights flickered for a bit.

Now they are reporting that a possible tornado has gone through just a few miles from us. The Fun Zone center for kids has been reported to be demolished. There were kids inside, but the reporter on scene says all the kids are accounted for. Apparently there are over turned cars and everything out that way. Nothing real bad at our house, but I am glad now that I went and got Cameron.