A Case Of The Crabs (not *those* kind of crabs)

The morning started off with a crabby child. I don't know why she was crabby, she was in bed at a decent time last night. So her crabby butt made me crabby. Thankfully she cheered up when we got to school and she saw her friends and off she went gabbing with the girls.

I stopped back home to get a check from hubby to deposit and print off a couple AC Moore coupons. I had a coupon for 30% off my entire regular price purchase. I picked up just a few things I needed, paid, went to my car and realized my receipt couldn't be right. I looked it over and see that she only took 30% off the highest priced item which was a mere .90 I saved. I needed to get home and pay some bills online before getting Cameron so I decided to wait and check the online ad to make sure I read it right, which I did. This only meant a 2.15 difference, but 2 bucks is 2 bucks, right?

So I quickly got the bills paid online which never starts out being a fun task for me. When it's over though I am relieved to be done with it. Printed off the 30% coupon again and headed off to get Cameron. There was no problem getting the difference at AC Moore and since I was back in there I decided to use the 50% off coupon I had and pick up another pack of blades for my cricut and a pack of crabby pattys for Cameron. She rang up the candy and the coupon, but forgot the blades. So she does it again and said the total was 9 something. Um, the blades should have been 5.00 after coupon and 1.75 for the candy - how do you get 9 dollars and some change??? She says no, it's 6 something. Okay that's better, but you said it was 9+ so don't get smart with me when I ask, heifer.

We leave there and I merge into a left turn lane behind a truck. The truck decided it wants to be in the inside left turn lane (there are 2 lanes that turn left). He pulls over so that half his truck is blocking my lane. We get the arrow to go, make the turn and he decides to come back over in my lane and nearly runs me off the side of the road. I blow my horn (and say a few colorful words), he swerves back in his lane and waits for me to go by.

I stop to get some lunch at McD's and order one happy meal with a chocolate milk. She rings up 2 meals and asks if I want c. milk with both? "No, I only want one happy meal." "You don't want two?" Apparently not if I said I ONLY WANT ONE. Gesh! And when did the dollar french fry become a small size fry instead of a medium? It hasn't always been that way, has it?

We are home now. I'm cold and tired and back to being in a crabby mood. A hot carmel apple cider from Starbucks sounds really good right now. I don't know if I have the strength to go back out and deal with the public again though.


Solitaire said...

It's the holiday "crabby's!

People get more stupid during the holidays! I wouldn't venture out unless you absolutely have too!

Work on your cards and SU demo related stuff and that will make you feel better:-)


Travis said...

just get over it lol