Oh, We Have Got To Get One Of These

Yesterday a toy commercial came on that Cameron told me to watch. It was for the Furreal Friends Pony. Cameron said she wanted one which surprised me because she has a large dog and a puppy Furreal friend toys and she only likes them if they are not turned on. If you turn them on and they start moving she flips out. For some reason the pony didn't seem to be a big deal which is odd because not only does it move and make noise, but the toy is huge. Well I started looking online for more information on this cool toy and I was blown away at what it does. I found a video clip from youtube.

I am totally getting one of these for Cameron. It's not a cheap toy so we will test it out at the store to make sure she really isn't afraid of it. If she still wants it then I plan to get her one.


Elisabeth said...

Emily has one of those Furreal puppiesthat a friend of mine got her...she loves it but personally, it freaks me out.

Solitaire said...

How cute! I hope she likes it. But the wimpering when its dark that might freak me out - LOL